As a long time supporter of the business community in Ottawa, Nancy Graham has always had a special place in her heart for the Women’s Business Network. She has been a member since the early days and always believed that accomplished businesswomen should lend a hand in making sure that equality is attained through structural and cultural changes. As the main sponsor for the Businesswoman of the Year Awards 2 years in a row, Nancy delivered a powerful speech last year, highlighting how women must ensure that they have a voice, lead the conversation, at every level. From the engineers that design voice-recognition systems that fail to understand women’s voices, to health researchers who fail to account for the differences in women’s anatomy to the CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies that fail to recognize the contribution of women in their own organizations, change happens when women are at the decision-making table.

Nancy is proud to support the Women’s Business Network of Ottawa, and proud to the be the main sponsor of this year’s Businesswomen of the Year Awards.