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How to Make the Most of Turning 18 in 2020

It’s hard to throw a big birthday bash in the middle of a pandemic. That said, with new financial opportunities to seize and a lengthy investment timeline ahead of you, you may end up luckier than you think. Here are a handful of 5 best practices for 18 year old’s we’ve provided in the past, to help you control your finances during this pandemic.

Personal Wealth

Standing Out Podcast – Karen Brownrigg: The Human Side of Human Resources | BYA Special Episode

As a seasoned human resources executive (and former 911 dispatcher!), Karen Brownrigg had seen it all across a tapestry of industries and sectors. What better background for launching her own HR advisory service in 2016? When COVID-19 arrived, Karen’s creative talents shifted into overdrive. In today’s podcast, she shares her ideas on how businesses can successfully “build the airplane while it’s flying,” by being flexible and inclusive, and investing in critical infrastructure.

Personal Wealth

Doris Belland: Investing in a Low Interest Rate Environment

Nancy and Brady recently spoke with Doris Belland about fixed income investing in the current environment. Doris is the founder and thought leader of the Women’s Money Group and Your Financial Launchpad. She is dedicated to empowering, teaching, mentoring and supporting women in learning about money and investing to support their financial independence.

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