February 2014

Higher Standards, Unbiased Objectivity, Greater Trust

By: Anthony S. Layton

Why do some wealth management firms prosper in good and difficult times, while others seem to stagnate or struggle? At PWL Capital, we believe it boils down to doing what’s right for our clients every day.

At this time of year, it’s customary to pause and gather some perspective on what’s working well and what needs improvement. As I look back over the last 17 years of PWL Capital’s success on behalf of our clients, I see a clear set of cultural values have formed at our firm. Our overall goal has always been to create positive life results for clients, and we do that through the guiding principles shared by all our advisors and staff.

We start by placing value above cost. Next, we stress investment above speculation, simplicity above complexity, stewardship above salesmanship, transparency above obscurity, leadership above self-interest, and trust above all, which leads us to always act in our clients’ best interest.

It’s About The Client

Well-meaning words, you say, but how do they manifest on a daily basis? It happens in both big and small ways. For example, long before the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) implemented tough new rules on the industry regarding transparency for all investors, PWL was already conducting business on this basis, and exceeding standards for voluntarily giving clients account and performance information. As another example, we decided to refund clients our commission for guaranteed investment certificates (GICs).

Most importantly, by working closely with respected firms and time-tested investment funds, such as those of Dimensional Fund Advisors, we ensure others share our concern for clients’ interests. Dimensional continues to incorporate the latest peer-reviewed academic research in their fund management techniques. They have also consistently reduced the fees on their funds over the years, demonstrating their commitment to clients’ best interest.

Looking Forward

Thanks to you, PWL Capital’s success is an exciting story. Starting in early 2014, we will be telling that story to a broader audience. We will soon be introducing our new brand story about you, the client, and how PWL is about more than just investment management.

Without giving too much away, we will soon unveil a new functional tagline that projects our commitment to you, and how we manage not just for your financial needs today and tomorrow but also for your loved ones in the future. 

We are excited to take this next step in our firm’s evolution and, most of all, we are proud that clients continue to trust us notonly with their money but also their legacies.

Anthony S. Layton

Chairman & CEO,
Portfolio Manager
PWL Capital Inc.