February 2013

PWL’s Beliefs

By: Anthony S. Layton

When we launched PWL Capital in 1996, we set out to create a new type of financial planning and investment firm — one that stands by its beliefs and principles. I think it’s important for you to understand these beliefs.

You may not be aware that when we started PWL Capital, the type of firm we envisioned didn’t exist in the industry — one integrating financial planning and investment management. Many clients, including top corporate executives, wanted a fee-only service blending estate, insurance and tax advice with investment management. The benefits for you are greater tax savings and improved investment performance.

We presented our concept to the regulators, and they agreed to let PWL bring both types of firms together. A single advisor could offer both planning and investment functions, under distinct banners. Ground-breaking at the time and it has proven to be a successful combination over the years as we have grown by professional referrals and client recommendations.

From the start, we believed strongly in our vision of working for the client and remaining true to our beliefs. We believe the system created by “big banks” works against the average investor. At PWL Capital, we turn our back on the big-bank approach by offering no in-house products, no hidden fees and therefore you get unbiased advice. We watch out for your interests. We believe there is a better way to invest and you can choose this at PWL Capital.

In the end, we drive to do the right thing for you. Our mission is to take care of you and we will not sacrifice clients’ interests for our own profit. We have stood by these beliefs and, in return, clients have rewarded us with more than 15 years of trust, loyalty and respect.

Anthony S. Layton

Chairman & CEO,
Portfolio Manager
PWL Capital Inc.