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Irrational Exuberance

Robert J. Shiller

In a highly engaging book, professor Robert Shiller (Yale University) uses his knowledge of psychology and financial history to make a case that the price of stocks can at times be…irrational. Beyond the central concept of the book of irrationality, this reading is filled in insight about how stocks are priced and how being influenced by media news and following investment fashion can lose money. The bottom line: invest at reasonable prices and ignore the news!

The Four Pillars of Investing

William J. Bernstein, 2002

This classic book explains in a simple and engaging way the essential concepts to succeed with your portfolio.  William Bernstein, a neurologist turned investment expert, explains that success rests on the knowledge of four pillars: the theory, history, psychology and business of investing. An unlikely hero in the world of finance, Bernstein has spoken in various high level conferences and has published numerous articles, notably in the prestigious Financial Analysts Journal.

The 7 Most Important Equations for Your Retirement

Moshe A. Milevsky, 2012

The Fascinating People and Ideas Behind Planning Your Retirement Income

The Behavior Gap: Simple Ways to Stop Doing Dumb Things with Money.

Carl Richards, 2012

The Little Book of Safe Money

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Are you a Stock or Bond?

Moshe A. Milevsky, 2008

Create Your Own Pension Plan for a Secure Financial Future

Your Money & Your Brain

Jason Zweig, 2007

How The New Science Of Neuroeconomics Can Help Make You Rich

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

John C. Bogle, 2007

The Only Way to Guarantee Your Fair Share of Stock Market Returns

Winning the Loser's Game

Charles D. Ellis, 2002