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Brick and Mortar in Portfolios

In a recent interview published in La Presse newspaper, we discussed how PWL addresses the role of real estate in an investment portfolio. Here’s a few takeaways:

  • A small allocation in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) helps diversify portfolios.
  • If an investor already has significant income properties, the REIT allocation should be reduced, though.
  • Personal Residence: All else being equal, an investor who has a low mortgage debt can handle a higher allocation to stocks.
  • It is important to invest at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, we believe REITs are currently expensive.
  • PWL favors investing in REITs through low-cost mutual funds and ETFs to capture the asset class without undue exposure to the risk of individual securities.
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Less Information, More Clarity

Travellers roaming the streets of a foreign city for the first time must deal with uncertainty in some form or another. Finding their way to points of interest, choosing a restaurant or communicating with locals may require concentration. Part of this process is information selection: filtering out non-useful information that distracts us from the really useful stuff. Successful investing is a bit similar: what information we decide to ignore is as important as what we pay attention to. Here’s our short list of information that is best ignored.

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