The trick is there is no trick

I'm in Chicago as I write this, about to run another marathon. In the next couple of weeks, I'll be launching my new book, Long Road to Boston, at a special event at Ottawa city hall.

PWL Capital is a sponsor of the book. You might wonder what running has to do with personal finance, but I see a lot of similarities. As I wrote in the acknowledgements of the book:

Investing for the future is a lot like training for a marathon: there are no short-cuts. A lot of people will try to convince you that they have some magical strategy to get great returns on the stock market, but that’s like saying there’s a trick that can get you from the couch to a marathon in just a few days.

Like most things in life, the rewards of both investing and running come from smart, long-term, hard work that is supported by evidence. That’s the approach I take to my training and it’s the proven method PWL Capital uses on behalf of its investing clients.

By: Mark Sutcliffe | 0 comments