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Beat the market? Most mutual funds don't even meet the market

April 26, 2017 - 2 comments

If you listen to many investment advisers, the advantage to investing in mutual funds is to beat the market, right? So you would think that a significant number of mutual funds would do that.

The evidence proves that's overwhelmingly not the case. In fact, as PWL's Ben Felix writes here, 91.1% of Canadian equity mutual funds trailed their benchmark index over the ten years ending December, 2016. That's 10 out of every 11 funds that fell short.

Aside from the fact that it's impossible to predict the future, a big reason why it's so hard for mutual funds to beat the market is that they charge higher fees. When you charge more, you have to generate even bigger returns to beat the market. As the evidence shows, that's very difficult to do.

Of course, you could try to invest in the 1 out of 11 funds that did okay. The only question is: how would you know which one to choose? The odds are stacked against you.

By: Mark Sutcliffe with 2 comments.
  09/02/2018 2:55:50 PM
Benjamin Felix
Hi Barbara, check out this article in MoneySense about some of the ways that you can access index funds
  07/02/2018 1:19:13 PM
Barbara Koch
So I don't have $500K to get started with PWL. Then I need to do this on my own. What do I invest in if it is not mutual funds?

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