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Spousal RRSP’s

By Susan Daley · February 7, 2018 - 0 comments

Spousal RRSP’s are probably the least understood investment account. A spousal RRSP has many of the same characteristics as a regular RRSP, except for one very important distinction. Contributions to your spouse’s RRSP reduce your income and your RRSP contribution room. For more details on this distinction, to learn why you might want to use a Spousal RRSP and how they can act like a regular RRSP, watch my video below.

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Defined Contribution Pension Plans

By Susan Daley · January 24, 2018 - 0 comments

Employees are increasingly getting access to Defined Contribution pension plans, rather than Defined Benefit Pension Plans. Unfortunately, these new plans aren’t quite as great since the responsibility (and risk) is given to the individual employees. For more detailed information about these pensions, how they work, and potential and benefits, watch this episode of Your Money, Your Choices.

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Defined Benefit Pension Plans

By Susan Daley · January 10, 2018 - 0 comments

Individuals with defined benefit pension plans are often envied by those of us not as fortunate to have them. Why is that the case? In short, these pension plans provide a defined annual amount you’ll receive throughout your retirement for as long as you live. For more detailed information about these employer pensions, how they are calculated, and potential drawbacks, watch my most recent episode of Your Money, Your Choices.

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Book Review: Stumbling Giants: Transforming Canada’s Banks for the Information Age, Patricia Meredith, James L. Darroch. | University of Toronto Press, 2017.

By Graham Westmacott · December 15, 2017 - 2 comments

Twenty three years after Bill Gates made his prophecy we still have banks and they are making record profits, an estimated $42 billion in fiscal 2017. This is double the profits Canadian banks made as recently as 2010. $14.3 billion has been set aside by the banks to pay their staff bonuses. No surprise then that Canada has 80 per cent more bankers per capita than the average OECD country and these bankers earn almost double on average what workers outside the financial sector earn, according to the authors of this book. 

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The Taxation of Investment Returns

By Susan Daley · December 6, 2017 - 4 comments

When investing your money for the long-term, it is important to focus on things you can control. One of the items you can control is the amount of tax you pay on your investments. In today’s video I outline how investments are taxed personally once you’ve maxed out your tax sheltered 

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