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Corporate Taxation: Tax Gain Harvesting – “Crazy Like a Fox” Tax Planning

By Justin Bender · October 3, 2017 - 2 comments

Following up on last week’s post, we’re not yet done exploring the wild world of capital gains taxation. Today, we’ll take a look at tax gain harvesting. Say what? Isn’t that supposed be “tax loss harvesting”? Well, that exists too, and is more familiar to most investors. Since harvesting a gain incurs taxable income, it may at first seem kind of crazy to want to voluntarily reap what you’ve sown. But if you’re a corporate investor, it can actually be a smart, “crazy like a fox” thing to do.

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Corporate Taxation: The “Eggs-act” Science of Capital Gains Taxation

By Justin Bender · September 28, 2017 - 0 comments

In past posts, when I’ve mentioned making corporate investments to better feather your company nest, I’ve suggested taking a relatively conservative approach. Companies and individuals alike can get burned by flying too high in pursuit of hot stock tips. That said, a modest allocation to the stock market can make sense, lest your nest eggs ultimately yield little more than a goose egg’s worth of returns.

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A Scotia iTRADE Commission-Free ETF Portfolio Even Costanza Could Love

By Justin Bender · September 14, 2017 - 4 comments

I have a brother I love a lot … and who reminds me a lot of George Costanza. I’ll bet every family has one. If you don’t think so, look in the mirror; it’s probably you. When it comes to sniffing out deals, my real-life bro is every bit as talented as the fictional George, so I wasn’t surprised when he asked me to create a set of commission-free ETF portfolios he could implement in his Scotia iTRADE account.

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Corporate Taxation: The End of Refundable Taxes?

By Justin Bender · September 5, 2017 - 10 comments

By now, you’ve likely been bombarded by articles – shelling out nearly as many opinions – on the government’s proposed tax changes for private corporations of all size. Remember that dividend refund “magic act” I covered? Guess what – that’s one of the tax breaks targeted for elimination. As you might imagine, this is causing quite a stir in the business community, with outcries ranging from “Government extortion!” to “It’s about freaking time!”

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