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Asset Location in a Post-Tax World: TFSAs vs. Taxable Accounts

By Justin Bender · July 20, 2018 - 0 comments

When TFSAs were launched in 2009, investors were thrilled with their new tax-free growth potential. However, the new account type also created another asset-location decision to wrap our heads around. We’ve already explored the impact of asset location between TFSAs vs. RRSPs, as well as between RRSPs vs. taxable accounts. That leaves one more permutation to consider: TFSAs vs. taxable accounts. 

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Asset Location in a Post-Tax World: RRSPs vs. Taxable Accounts

By Justin Bender · July 3, 2018 - 0 comments

In my last blog post, we determined that the overall post-tax asset allocations in your TFSA and RRSP have a far greater influence on your post-tax portfolio value than the asset location of these various asset classes within your portfolio. In other words, it’s the kinds of investments rather than where you hold them that seems to matter the most between these two venues. I also offered nine different asset location strategies to consider, depending on your investment preferences and circumstances. 

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