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Asking Your Advisor Delicate Questions (Like, “Who Else Is There?”)

Even when you’re comfortable asking your financial advisor almost anything, there are a few questions that can be more awkward than others. 

Take it from me. An advisor who truly has your best interests at heart should welcome any questions you’ve got about putting your money to good use – even if the queries may challenge their own prices or processes. In fact, if your advisor dodges or bristles at your inquiries, that can be a red flag in itself. 

For advice on how to ask your advisor those “delicate” questions, check out my next several “No Dumb Questions,” which are dedicated to that very theme. In today’s video, we’ll take on one of the most essential, if potentially thorny questions: What other advisory options are out there? 

I won’t be naming names, but here’s a big hint: There’s a real difference between real advice, and sales pitches in disguise. Discover more about that in today’s “No Dumb Questions".


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Demystifying Dividend-Paying Stocks

Sometimes, small self-deceptions work fine – like if I get to the gym by imagining I can then treat myself to my favorite dessert. Unfortunately, in investing, not all mental-accounting tricks add up as well. Here’s one I often hear: “Why don’t I load up on dividend-paying stocks? I can then spend the payouts as I please, right?”

It’s convenient to think of dividends as being free, “extra” money. In today’s “No Dumb Questions,” I’ll offer you an overview of how dividend-paying stocks really work. Hint: The payouts aren’t as “free” as you might think.

I’ll also cover why dividend-paying stocks aren’t inherently bad investments, but neither should they be the main attraction in your portfolio. There are more sensible strategies for spending and investing your total wealth. Want to find out what those strategies are? Watch today’s video!


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