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Welcome to Nancy Graham’s “No Dumb Questions” About your Finances

November 3, 2016 - 1 comment

Do you have favorite family memories from when you were growing up? Many of mine come from the time we spent around the dinner table.

My parents were hardworking Manitoban farmers. When we took breaks from actual farming, we’d usually talk about everything related to farming: business, finance, weather, commodity prices, and so on. No subject was taboo and, even when I was quite young, I was encouraged to join in.

There was only one rule guiding our often-lively exchanges: There are no dumb questions.


To many, the expression is so common that it’s said without meaning. Not my parents. And not me. To this day, my favorite conversations are the ones that happen when people finally let down their guard, and ask that money management question they’ve always been afraid to ask … because everyone else already seems to know.

How do I get started as an investor? How do I get better at it? What’s an index fund? Aren’t stocks too risky? How much do I need to retire? Based on how often I hear these kinds of questions, it’s clear that they are not dumb at all. What’s dumb is when investors don’t ask, and instead fall prey to conflicted financial sales pitches that are rarely in their best interests.

I get such a charge out of helping families resolve their concerns and take control of their financial future. That’s why I’m launching a “No Dumb Questions” video series to offer straight-forward answers to your most troubling money questions – without suffocating you in information overload.

Let’s get going! Subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay in the “No Dumb Questions” loop. Better yet, if you’ve got a question about your finances that you’ve always hesitated to ask, send it to me and I’ll add it to the list. Chances are, it’s a very good one indeed.

By: Nancy Graham with 1 comments.
  18/11/2016 11:49:33 PM
Patricia graham
Nancy Graham/PWL has been our investment councillor for many years. We have confidence in her judgment, and appreciate that she keeps our best interests foremost in managing our funds.

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