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How Do You Transform Business Success Into Investment Earnings?

Today’s “No Dumb Question” is a bit of a trick question. Ironically, those who thrive as business owners or in similar leadership positions face an investment dilemma: Their best on-the-job talents can actually end up playing AGAINST them when they turn to building a personal fortune out of the fruits of their labor.

Often, successful business owners think of their personal investments as simply another way to generate profits on their profits. For investing, I recommend an entirely different mindset, in which you shift the emphasis from venturing more of your money to preserving the profits you want to keep as your own.


In today’s video, I’ll talk a bit about how you go about doing that, referencing an earlier video in which we go over some of the specific strategies involved.

It’s all in a day’s business for me and my team. Tune in, and make good investing part of your business too!

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Putting the Stock Market to Work for You

To stay one step ahead of inflation, just as you put in a day’s work to earn a decent living, you also must put some of your savings to work by investing in the stock market. That said, when you “employ” your money in this manner, you want your investments to work smarter, not harder than they need to.

Many investors approach the market as if it were a competition, where they must try to be better, faster or luckier at picking winning stocks and avoiding downturns. This is traditionally called active investing.


Instead, consider employing evidence-based investing, based on four sensible questions that can help you understand how to earn healthy, inflation-beating returns over time, after costs, and in keeping with your personal goals and tolerance for market risks. Want to apply evidence-based investing to your life’s savings? Today’s “No Dumb Question” will help you get started.

What other questions do you have about investing, inflation, or any other money matters that matter to you? Send me your own “No Dumb Questions” any time.

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