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You Are Invited to a Special Luncheon: Tour Your Financial Mind with “Subliminal” Author/Scientist Leonard Mlodinow

March 25, 2015 - 0 comments

Every day, you make personal, financial and business decisions by consciously considering the important factors and acting accordingly. Or so you believe. Discover how decision-making really works by joining us for a fascinating tour of your own mind, presented by renowned “Subliminal” author and scientist Leonard Mlodinow, PhD.

Through entertaining illustrations (no mind probes are involved, we promise) and an overview of the latest research in neuroscience, Mlodinow will explore the daily tricks that the subconscious mind plays on even the savviest investor, such as perceiving market “patterns” where none exist, and reacting to “fight or flight” instincts instead of adhering to rational plans. He’ll also describe how you can apply simple self-awareness to enhance your decision-making – in investing and other important areas of your life.

You owe it to yourself to understand and apply the evidence that guides informed, sensible investing. At PWL Capital, we are here to help you fulfill this promise to yourself. We will have copies of “Subliminal” available at our luncheon with Mlodinow, as well as his forthcoming book, “The Upright Thinkers.” The event is by registration only and seating is limited. Register to attend today.

About the Presenter: Leonard Mlodinow, PhD

Leonard Mlodinow earned his PhD in theoretical physics from University of California, Berkeley and is now a professor at the California Institute of Technology. An engaging and entertaining speaker, he is author of “Subliminal” and “The Drunkard’s Walk,” and co-author with Stephen Hawking on two additional books. 

RSVP by April 27 to: Cheryl Gillies 613.237.5544 x 314  or

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