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Should You Welcome or Ward off the Invasion of the Robo-Advisor?

June 21, 2018 - 0 comments

As our gadgets grow smarter, the list of tasks they can tackle grows longer. What about managing your investments? Can a robo-advisor do it all? You’d think, as a flesh-and-blood advisor, I’d say, “No way.” The truth is, it’s not that simple. 

In today’s video, I’ll explore some of the ways it might be worth incorporating robo-advisor technology, and what to look for if you do. As a bonus, I’ll throw in another possibility you may not have considered. Recently, Vanguard launched a set of “asset allocation ETFs” that just might give traditional robo-advisors a run for your money. Want to know more? Hit “play” on today’s video, and don’t forget to subscribe or connect with me on LinkedIn, to continue enjoying the human touch too.

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