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How Much Are Your Investments Really Costing You … Indirectly?

June 15, 2017 - 0 comments

When you go shopping for goods or services, sometimes you may be willing to pay a premium for higher quality. Other times, the cheapest choice will serve you just fine.

To make these sorts of calls, it helps to figure in both the direct, “sticker price” of the items being compared, as well as some of the indirect costs and benefits to you.

In investing, there are at least two indirect costs worth keeping an eye on: taxes and your funds’ internal trading costs.


By looking out for these and similar indirect costs, you can help prevent the returns you earn from being overly eroded by costs that may be out of sight, but that still end up out-of-pocket. That’s what’s on the docket for today’s “No Dumb Questions” video.  I’m happy to talk about other investment-cost questions you may have on your mind as well. Let me know!

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