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My Mortgage Is Paid Off. Now What?

Congratulations to you! You’re finally paying off that home mortgage you’ve been chipping away at for years, if not decades. Just think of all that newly released funding heading your way. 

But now what? How much of the soon-to-be-surplus cash can go toward higher-end holidays or new levels of luxury? How much should be redirected to more ordinary obligations, such as funding your kids’ RESP accounts or your own TFSA? 

As with any seemingly “found” money, it’s best to lead with a detailed, written plan for your newfound wealth – one that will help you enjoy your post-mortgage celebratory cake along the way, but eat well in retirement too. Ready to find out more? Check out today’s “No Dumb Questions” video. 


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Trick Questions and Portfolio Performance Reviews

You’re meeting a friend over lunch and the subject turns to investing. “How are your investments doing?” your friend asks conversationally. Fortunately, having watched today’s video, you know to reply, “That’s a trick question.” 

You can’t really answer how your investments are faring unless you also consider … compared to what? So today, let’s talk about how to assess your portfolio performance from two vantage points. First, how are you doing in pursuit of your personal financial goals? We covered that in my last “No Dumb Questions.” Then, how are your holdings stacking up against other appropriate benchmarks?

That second comparison is where things get even more tricky. While we provide monthly market statistics on our website, there are several reasons popular indexes or other benchmarks by themselves should be handled with care.

Care to know more? Check out today’s video on the tricks of the trade. Then treat yourself to future segments by Subscribing to my YouTube channel, and Liking or Following me out in social media land.

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