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Lessons in Investing Excellence from Norway’s Sovereign Fund.

In the last 15 years Norway has moved from the smallest to the largest investment fund in the world. Along the way the Norwegian people have ensured the fund has been constructed around strong principals of transparency, wide diversifications, using public markets for investing and cost efficiency that are valuable to all of us as investors. Listen here for my discussion with Jason McIntyre of CFRA Business at Night, part of our ongoing our series, The Science of Investing.

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Can an active bond manager protect you when rates rise?

Interest rates are at historic lows. When interest rates do rise, bond prices typically suffer.

A recent survey of institutional investors showed that 91% felt that an active bond manager would be able to outperform a passive bond portfolio in a period of rising interest rates. This is a very high vote of confidence for active managers.

Listen here for my conversation with CFRA Business at Night host Jason McIntyre, where we discuss Vanguard’s recent study of this question. The investor take away from the Science of Investing may surprise you.

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