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Living Off Your Investments: Should The Focus Be On Generating The Income I Need?

The majority of Canadians are not members of pension plans, so will have to provide for much of their retirement income. There are 2 main approaches as to how you will ‘create’ that income:

  • Income approach where your portfolio earns interest and dividends, and you live off that income, and
  • Total Return approach where you withdraw the income you need as a combination of income generated and selling securities.

Vanguard Research recently did a study of these 2 choices, and how to decide what might be best for you, depending on your circumstances.

Even if you are years away from retirement, it is important to consider what type of investor you are so you can build an appropriate plan for your retirement income objectives.

Listen to Cameron’s Science of Investing interview with host Greg Hebert, to learn more about planning for your retirement income.

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If You Want Advice, You Should Know What You Are Paying For That Advice!

The UK and Australia have recently announced that investment advisors will soon no longer be able to be paid by the products they distribute. Clients will have to pay for service. The objective is to lead to more transparency of fees, and reduce the potential for conflicts of interest. Then, in the same week, a survey finds that 47% of Canadians think their mutual funds do not charge any fees! What does this all mean for investors, and why costs matter is the subject of Cameron’s conversation with host Greg Hebert in this week’s Science of Investing. Have a listen.

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