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Does It Make Sense To Add Gold To My Portfolio?

There has been much talk recently about adding gold to portfolios, especially as insurance against global financial catastrophe.  But is there academic evidence supporting this decision?

In a recent post on the Fama/French Forum, Professors Fama and French say there may be some diversification benefit in adding gold, however, they do not accept that past performance is a good indicator of future performance.

This posting caught the attention of guest host John Budden, and was the subject of this week’s Science of Investing interview.  Have a listen.

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Why Would My Mutual Fund or ETF Lend Out The Securities in the Portfolio?

Many mutual funds, ETFs and pension funds lend out securities, usually to other entities who wish to short the stock.  But this common practice raises many questions, such as:

  • How much revenue can be made from this?
  • What are the risks to investors?
  • Is all the profit given back to the shareholders?

In this week’s Science of Investing, Cameron discusses these and other questions with host Greg Hebert.


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