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Should you buy bitcoin?

Remember that bridge your mother warned you about – the one everyone else was jumping off of? If you ask me, it’s an adage worth its weight in gold, especially as it applies to the current bitcoin craze. 


Speaking of gold, bitcoin has been drawing some comparisons to the glittery stuff. There are a few common connections. But bitcoin’s higher volatility, dearth of historical data, intended application, and a variety of other unknowns point to its future performance being anyone’s guess. Before you leap into buying any bitcoin of your own, I suggest you first dive into today’s Common Sense Investing segment, to understand the stakes involved. 

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OMG, what is bitcoin?

Do you remember the first time someone used “text” as a verb, as in: “Why don’t you text me?” It’s amazing how recently that was, and yet how rapidly it’s gone global. 

Similarly, most of us had never heard of bitcoins, blockchains and cryptocurrency until 2017. Today, it seems like it’s all anyone ever TMs about. Unfortunately, the splashy, overnight success stories have been rushing far ahead of any sensible understanding of the subject. Let’s fix that today. 


Is bitcoin an asset? A currency? A collectible? What does the future hold for this holding? Today, I’ll apply some Common Sense Investing insights to these and similar questions. After that, I’ll cue up the next obvious query: What about buying some bitcoin of your own? To catch both videos, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel as fast as your text-messaging fingers can fly. 

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