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As heard on Experts on Call

I discusses with host Mark Sutcliffe on the radio show Experts on Call how the Science of Investing can help you have a successful investing experience.

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What Is The Impact Of Trailer Fees?

Over 80% of all mutual funds in the U.S. are purchased through an advisor.  Many mutual fund companies pay trailer fees to advisors for providing the service.  In 2009, this amounted to over $2 billion in Canada.

Are the any issues that are created by this compensation arrangement?

A study was recently released that looked into questions such as: Why do so many investors work with advisors, and why is it that so many advisors are paid by the investments, and not by clients directly?

Listen to host Leah Walker discuss this with Cameron on this week’s Science of Investing.

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CEO on CNBC: Good For Share Price, Or Not?

CNBC is the world’s most-watched business television, with it’s high profile anchors, and lively format. They suggest that people should pay attention to their guests, in order to “profit from it”.

But does a CEO’s appearance on CNBC provide the viewer with any higher expected return? A recent study of over 6900 CEO interviews, and their company’s stock performance, sheds some fascinating light on this issue.

In this week’s Science of Investing, Cameron and host Leah Walker discuss this study, and whether you should stay tuned in.

Have a listen.

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