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What does it take to become a financial advisor?

August 11, 2017 - 0 comments

Have you noticed all the new-fangled titles for the same old jobs? Your receptionist is now a director of first impressions, and your technician is found serving up repairs at the Genius Bar. There’s even a new name for your development coordinator: director of getting sh*t done.

All in good fun. But shouldn’t “financial advisor” mean more? Unfortunately, it often doesn’t.


You’d think there’d be a few things you could expect from your financial advisor – like solid experience, higher education and carefully cultivated credentials. Instead, most of the people who call themselves financial advisors are licensed by a provincial regulator to sell certain products. They may or may not have a whole lot more of substance to buttress their advice.

In other words, a better title for many financial advisors might be “salesperson.” Or, often even more accurately, “director of selling s**t.”

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