PWL Capital is a privately owned wealth management firm that manages more than $1 billion in client assets. PWL provides discretionary portfolio management services with integrated financial planning from offices in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and Waterloo.

Portfolio Management and brokerage services are offered by PWL Capital Inc, which is regulated by Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC), and is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF). Financial planning and insurance products are offered by PWL Advisors Inc., and is regulated in Ontario by Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) and in Quebec by the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF). PWL Advisors Inc. is not a member of CIPF.


What PWL Capital can do for you

Premium Ongoing Service

Our clients benefit from semi-annual performance reporting, regular meetings, financial planning, and systematic rebalancing.

Unbiased Financial Advice

We are paid directly by our clients, so our advice is never influenced by commissions or incentives from financial products.

Science-based Portfolio Management

We focus on what we can control: selecting an asset mix, managing risk, minimizing fees and taxes, and encouraging discipline.

Learn more about the PWL difference

Invest Like a Tech Gazillionaire

In Ottawa, that means handing your money to Cameron Passmore, who has attained rock-star status at companies like Shopify thanks to his low-risk, low-cost mantra.

Read an article on Cameron and his team in Globe & Mail - Report on Business Magazine: How to invest like a tech Gazillionaire.

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What our clients are saying ?

I was searching for a way to increase portfolio diversification while keeping both the fees and any required active involvement to a minimum. Cameron and the PWL team both met and exceeded these goals.

Russ Jones

CFO, Shopify

I have found the level of service working with Nancy to be personal, respectful and comprehensive.
She meets with me personally twice a year to review the performance of my portfolio; we regularly review my tolerance for risk.  She responds directly to my requests for advice. I have found Cheryl, Nancy’s assistant, to be very efficient and helpful in all my dealings with her.
After several years of working with Nancy, I ended my dealings with a second advisor and now work exclusively with Nancy.

Craig Parks


We started using Nancy as our sole investment advisor almost 3 years ago.  In that time, we have never had a cause for regret.  We are very happy with PWL's investment strategy and we know we can largely "ignore" our investments, trusting that our portfolio is being well managed.  Nancy takes the time to understand her clients and tailors communication to their needs.  She is very flexible in meeting as frequently or infrequently as we prefer and we always find our meetings with her informative and worthwhile.

David Nikkel

Software Development Manager

Kathy Nikkel


Excellent customer service and good results.

Michael Cohen

International Pension Consultant

Marguerite Cohen


Excellent approach to hands off investing...have not looked at financial news in over 2 years ... index investments are doing well and the PWL team takes care of the details.

Kevin Thibert

Client Executive, CISCO

Excellent service and considerate of my individual circumstances.  Down to earth language and communications, investment strategy and approach. PWL is excellent for investment services and financial planning.  That is why I am a client.

Richard Slowikowski

Federal Civil Servant

PWL Capital understands the importance of getting to know their client first, in particular, their unique investment requirements. It is only after their due diligence and attention to detail that an investment approach and asset allocation will be recommended to suit your needs or those of your family or business.

Geoffrey Carnell

President, Carnell’s Funeral Home

Many years ago, our family entrusted Cameron Passmore and the team at PWL with our future financial security. We love working with Cameron because of the passion, discipline and diligence he brings to our relationship. The investment decisions Cameron makes on our behalf, and the fees charged to manage our account, are transparent, well-structured and exceptionally easy to understand. Thank you, Cameron, for the peace of mind you bring to our investments.

Garth Steele

Partner, Welch LLP

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