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Bill Ackman and Index Funds

By James Parkyn & Raymond Kerzérho · March 10, 2016 - 0 comments

In the world of high finance, few people are as respected and credible as Bill Ackman. The Harvard-educated CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management, who started his hedge fund company in 2004 with $54 million of his own and his partners’ money, now manages well over $6 billion for institutions and wealthy families. In his annual letter to clients reporting on performance in 2015, Mr. Ackman included comments on index funds and their impact on the capital market.

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Financial Planning of an Employment Termination

By Anik Bougie · January 29, 2015 - 0 comments

Recent government statistics show that employees aged 25 to 54 work an average of 38.6 hours a week. Extrapolating this statistic over an entire life, the average Canadian will work over 87,000 hours until retirement at around age 65.

Considering the important place that work occupies in our lives, it's normal that an employment termination raises a lot of questions. Whether it’s due to retirement, a move to a new job, a layoff or dismissal, this change in your life should always be planned in order to minimize its impacts and the resulting stress.

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