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Investir avec les fonds négociés en Bourse

November 9, 2013

By: Richard Dufour

Publication: La Presse

Chaque samedi, un financier répond à nos questions. Il donne sa lecture des marchés, offre son point de vue sur la Bourse et lance quelques conseils d'investissement. Cette semaine, Peter Guay, CFA, gestionnaire de portefeuille chez PWL Capital.

Keep the Cottage in the Family

September 20, 2013

By: Anthony S. Layton

“Everyone loves the family cottage, but what will happen to it after your death – or when you are unable or unwilling to cope with it during your later years?”
I am pleased to present a guide to cottage succession: Keeping the Cottage in the Family. The essence of a multi-faceted challenge to my clients and prospective clients. I sincerely believe that it can provide you with a framework for an intelligent approach to cottage succession and will help you to achieve peace of mind.
Contact Anthony to find out more about this how this guide can help you.

Diversification is Key: Asset Allocation Drives Performance, Not Stock Picking

July 12, 2013

By: Anthony Layton & Peter Guay

Markets have shown us recently why diversification is so important. With the Canadian stock market trailing behind the US and International markets for the last eighteen months, it’s important to have a healthy share of each. Our latest blog post discusses diversification in its various forms and why it is the only ‘free lunch’ in investing.

Markets Work: Why Active Portfolio Management Doesn’t Pay

May 15, 2013

By: Anthony Layton & Peter Guay

Peter and I are excited to announce the launch of our new monthly Investment Philosophy blog series "The Science of Investing". We’ll start with the basics of the PWL investment philosophy and work our way deeper into investment topics, wealth management issues and behavioral finance research that underpins what we do and how we do it. These blogs will complement Ray Kerzerho’s monthly Economic Pulse articles.