With another week of ‘stay home’ behind us, we thought we would share a couple of thoughtful perspectives about what is going on.

The first is an economist view. One of the questions many of us have is impact on the current ‘stay at home’ policy on the economy. We are not economists, and in fact there is a great piece also included here about how the markets and the economy are not correlated and why. At the same time when we saw this interview of Professor Ed Lazear we thought you might find it of interest.

By way of background, Prof. Lazear teaches at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. As chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under President George W. Bush from 2006 to 2009, he helped guide the US policy response to the financial crisis.

He also is an independent director on the Boards of Dimensional Fund Advisors US Mutual funds.

He discusses here how policy makers are responding to COVID-19 and what the global recovery may look like. His views provide a markedly different perspective than what we hear in the mainstream media. This webcast was recorded on April 2, 2020.


Leading Labor Economist Professor Ed Lazear on COVID-19

Can we use this information to time the market?

Following Professor Lazear’s insights, are you wondering if now is the time you should either get in or out of the market?

Larry Swedroe, Director of Research at Buckingham Strategic Wealth and a friend of the firm, proposes some great answers to this question. He is also a long time advocate of evidence based investing, what we do for you here at PWL Capital. In this article he lays out how having a particular view of the future is not likely to help you.


Tips to Thrive

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Stay well, and reach out if you need us.

Nancy, Cheryl and Brady