Compliance & Governance

Why fiduciary duty is an important asset for investment advisors in Canada

When someone enlists the services of an Investment Advisor, they generally do so after deciding they understand their needs and has an approach compatible with their goals and personality. In Canada, there is no fiduciary duty that requires an advisor to act in a client’s interests, whereas, in Australia and the UK, this duty does exist.

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Practical Investing

If you’re like most people, you have better things to do with your time than pore over daily market news, wondering how or if it applies to you. Instead, we recommend applying market-based strategy to guide your investment habits.

Personal Wealth

Predictive vs. Market-Based

Today we’ll cover why serious investors are best served by approaching the market with a disciplined plan for managing market risks, rather than the more common “winner takes all” mindset. We call this market-based versus predictive investing.

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Introducing NBIN MyPortfolio+

One key benefit of MyPortfolio+ is the ability to access trade confirmation slips and prospectuses online, in addition to regular monthly statements. This is a bonus for clients who want to be able to access all their information online in one place at any time.

A tale of two advisors

This is the story of two financial advisors, Brian and Adrian. They both took different paths to enter their career, and they are motivated by different things.

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How do you invest?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about an investment professional? They must be able to pick the best stocks, the best industries, and the best geographies to invest in over a given time period.

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Tax Tip: Do I Need to File a T1135?

New reporting requirements and a commitment to heavier enforcement of penalties have brought the T1135 form into the light. Do you need to be filing one? The T1135, or Foreign Income Verification Statement, is a form to disclose all “specified foreign property” held by Canadians in non-registered accounts.