Family Stewardship & Philanthropy

Donations Part 1: Cash

This is the first in a three-part series on donations, focusing at the tax advantages of making donations, specifically cash. Canadians are very giving, according Statistics Canada, 84% of us give to charity and together we give an average of $9 billion dollars a year. That’s pretty amazing.

Family Stewardship & Philanthropy

Have You Got a Will?

Do you have kids or maybe have one on the way? Most of my friends who are married with kids think that if they die without a will, their spouse will get everything. To make matters worse, the Curateur Public in Quebec gets involved any time a child under age 18 inherits more than $25K.

Personal Wealth

What if investing right before a market crash isn’t that bad?

Imagine having $1,500,000 of cash. With a long time horizon, and no immediate needs, you decide to invest $500,000 in a globally diversified portfolio* consisting of 80% stocks, and 20% bonds. It is March 1, 2000. Within days, the dot com bubble bursts, followed by the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. By the end of September, 2002, your invested portfolio has dropped from $500,000 to $480,724.